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Wow it's been a bit since I've been on Waterfall. Hi all!

Anyway I got a drawing tablet that I'm very happy with, and I drew this for my friend's birthday!

Some siblings vibing. And also Zote.

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gremlin-gal asked:

yo dragon/demon ask game....how do u feel about a mushroom dragon?

Here it is!

Not the most proud of this, tbh... I had ambitious ideas in mind and then things were looking weird and it was too much detail and effort and all that so uhh here it is I guess.

Might do a different, less bad certain of this later...

Fun Things I've Noticed about WF's UI and some Other Miscellaneous Observations on How People Use It


Random Capitalisation in Titles Is Fun

  • People like squares a lot more than they liked the rounded edges of the old build. But they hated it when it was true-square, so the current UI as to have a VERY tiny round on the edges.
  • People want the like button to change colour instantly, rather than when the action completes. This is leading to people thinking likes are broken when in reality, their internet is just slow or there was a little bit of lag. People would prefer it change to red immediately, even if the action isn't finished yet/didn't go through at all.
  • People who use the site for longer than a week like the green. People first coming from Twitter say they hate the green and aren't sure about it. If they decide to stick around, they move into the first group quicker than people who come from Tumblr.
  • People joining from Tumblr tend to hoard URLs. On new joins, 60% or so immediately fill up their blog slots. 20% of these go to the buy slots page. None of them complete a transaction, and about 4% delete their account within 30 minutes of joining. I didn't look into how many return.
  • We've had a total of 70 artists join, go straight to the commission market, not complete sign up, and delete their account all within 10 minutes. That's slightly disheartening.
  • People coming from Twitter are about 5x more likely to stay on the site as an active poster than people coming from Tumblr - ironic, since the site was built to emulate Tumblr's style.
  • Of those Twitter users, it's about a 50/50 split on whether they just post art or hang around more often and shitpost/do what I call "community building" for lack of a better way of putting it
  • 28 invites made, 17 people joined through them
  • Despite Twitter and Tumblr artists commonly wondering if there's a safe space for NSFW art, only 3.4% of blogs on here are marked NSFW. This is PROBABLY because people keep hopping on posts suggesting Waterfall telling people to use Pillowfort instead and spamming an invite link, and it seeming more attractive because it's been around longer.
  • I have done a really bad job explaining how the CM works
  • American users have fallen from 90% of our users in August to only 61% today. The active user count has NOT gone up enough to explain this, so it's more likely that American users find the site too confusing, don't like the fact it's based outside the US, or it's just that non-American users are more patient and understanding about development taking time and more patient with bugs. (On a personal note, I'm pleased that we're not just completely American - americocentricism on Tumblr and Twitter to the point people assume EVERYONE on the site is American because "it's an American site" was a very bad thing, so the increased diversity here is appreciated a lot)
  • Blog slots and the CM went up on the 17th December, 80 days ago. Extrapolating from this, it means our average daily income (NOT profit) is 54p a day, or 70 cents American. It's a start.
  • Just over a quarter of all images on the site are marked as artwork.

Just some random tidbits I noticed!