I Like Drawing Dragons

Hey, I'm Arin and I do art sometimes. If you want art, I also do commissions. (Click here!)

Arin (pronounced Arr-in) | he/him, they/them, ae/aer | Nearly eighteen | bi? lesbian? idk, but I'm also ace and genderqueer | Baby to witchcraft | I like drawing monsters and fantasy things, but dragons are the most fun to draw.

I'm a traditional (paper, ink and pencil) artist, though I've dabbled a bit in digital, and hope to more soon!

Also cats are babies and I love them...

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Posts tagged flight rising:

A flight rising commission I drew that took far too long because I tried a far too ambitious pose for a fae dragon. Those fans are hell to draw. But he turned out a baby so it's okay.

Flight Rising Art Shop

Heya idk if any of y'all play Flight Rising but I've set up a commission art shop there! It's also only in-game currency, so you can still get art if you're broke IRL.


I'm going to be hopefully doing Flight Rising commissions soon! Still need to make some more example pieces, but I'm excited and this was fun, I love drawing dragons. :3

Here's my first finished example piece, one of my Coatls, Caelum!