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Pluto: What do you love most about yourself?

- I think I'm a nice person, and I think I'm pretty funny. I like my face too. :)

Saturn: What’s your aesthetic?

-uhHH I'm not entirely sure. Most of my clothes are still the ones my mom's bought for me, and while I like them well enough I haven't really figured out my own style for myself, y'know? But also online and stuff, rubber ducks XP

The Sun: What motivates you?

-Depends on the thing. For art, I find it enjoyable, I like being able to translate what I'm envisioning to paper (or computer ig), and I have a sort of practice makes perfect mindset so I want to get even better at it

But for other things like activism or whatever, I'm optimistic in the way that I know things are likely to get better, since if you look to the past, we've come a long way, and while things aren't perfect right now, it's likely that our actions now will positively affect the future, even if it takes longer than my own lifetime.