I Like Drawing Dragons

Hey, I'm Arin and I do art sometimes. If you want art, I also do commissions. (Click here!)

Arin (pronounced Arr-in) | he/him, they/them, ae/aer | Nearly eighteen | bi? lesbian? idk, but I'm also ace and genderqueer | Baby to witchcraft | I like drawing monsters and fantasy things, but dragons are the most fun to draw.

I'm a traditional (paper, ink and pencil) artist, though I've dabbled a bit in digital, and hope to more soon!

Also cats are babies and I love them...

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cottagewife asked:

Pluto, Saturn, The Sun?

Pluto: What do you love most about yourself?

- I think I'm a nice person, and I think I'm pretty funny. I like my face too. :)

Saturn: What’s your aesthetic?

-uhHH I'm not entirely sure. Most of my clothes are still the ones my mom's bought for me, and while I like them well enough I haven't really figured out my own style for myself, y'know? But also online and stuff, rubber ducks XP

The Sun: What motivates you?

-Depends on the thing. For art, I find it enjoyable, I like being able to translate what I'm envisioning to paper (or computer ig), and I have a sort of practice makes perfect mindset so I want to get even better at it

But for other things like activism or whatever, I'm optimistic in the way that I know things are likely to get better, since if you look to the past, we've come a long way, and while things aren't perfect right now, it's likely that our actions now will positively affect the future, even if it takes longer than my own lifetime.

babushka asked:

The Moon: Favorite quote?

Whoops, I haven't checked waterfall in a while. I'm back (for now) though! Hoping to do more art stuff too :P

Anyway, hmm, that's a good question. I'm not sure if it's a very favorite, but I find a relatable one to be from Alice in Wonderland.

"Alice often gave herself very good advice, but she very seldom followed it."

gremlin-gal asked:

🌽 🐍 βœŒοΈπŸ’€πŸ‰πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈπŸ§’πŸ™† ;)


pilica-creative asked:

πŸ¦‡ Dragons wings but... two pairs of them o.o