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Saw someone talking about how there's no art/ask games on Waterfall so...

Asks: (Mostly targeted towards artists)

1. What's something unique about you?
2. How would you describe your aesthetic? (in general or about your art)
3. What are some things you take with you everywhere?
4. What are some tropes you love, even if they're cheesy
5. Do you usually draw more with warm or cool colors?
6. What are some of your favorite things to draw, and why?
7. What are some of your least favorite things to draw, and why?
8. What music do you listen to when drawing, if any?
9. What is a piece of art you are particularly proud of, and what do you like about it?
10. What's your oldest/newest OC, and tell us about them? (asker's choice on which)

Art: (Askers can specify the character or you can choose one!)

A. Draw a character in under a minute
B. Draw a character in only different shades of a single color (asker's choice)
C. Draw a character with only warm/cool colors
D. Draw a character when they were a kid (or if they are still a kid, when they grow up)
E. Draw a character as a monster (or as a human if they already are)
F. Draw a character in their pajamas
G. Draw a character in beachwear
H. Draw a character in dramatic lighting
I. Draw a character feeling overjoyed/distraught (asker's choice)
J. Draw a character as their favorite animal