I Like Drawing Dragons

Hey, I'm Arin and I do art sometimes. If you want art, I also do commissions. (Click here!)

Arin (pronounced Arr-in) | he/him, they/them, ae/aer | Nearly eighteen | bi? lesbian? idk, but I'm also ace and genderqueer | Baby to witchcraft | I like drawing monsters and fantasy things, but dragons are the most fun to draw.

I'm a traditional (paper, ink and pencil) artist, though I've dabbled a bit in digital, and hope to more soon!

Also cats are babies and I love them...

Also, for all the stuff I reblog, please see squeakys-re-blog (click)

I'm going to be hopefully doing Flight Rising commissions soon! Still need to make some more example pieces, but I'm excited and this was fun, I love drawing dragons. :3

Here's my first finished example piece, one of my Coatls, Caelum!

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