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"Hm, it's too bad there don't seem to be any art memes or ask games focused on art going around on waterfall," I say, making no effort to think of something myself.

  1. draw something with your eyes closed
  2. draw a self portrait
  3. draw your favorite animal
  4. draw something monochrome
  5. draw a sketch in five minutes
  6. draw what you ate last
  7. share a wip of the last thing you drew
  8. draw your favorite kind of sunset
  9. draw a scene of your favorite weather
  10. draw the best boi (you choose who it is)
  11. draw your otp
  12. draw yourself as your favorite animal
  13. draw a really weird posed
  14. draw a chicken
  15. draw your friend's oc. If they don't have one draw their favorite character
  16. draw your friend
  17. draw your desk/art station
  18. draw the view out your window
  19. draw something using mostly your favorite color
  20. draw your favorite flower

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I tried to draw a self portrait with my eyes closed (with a mouse, no less!) The results are less than ideal.

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I also made some other art asks if you want! ^^

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yo check out my pal @squeaky-warrior they've been making several rad art ask games

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this is from a discord server, but i never used it because it didn't really inspire me to write much. but i circled some that might work with drawings? these are 14 prompts. cut down to 12 or up to 16 or 24 to make a new bingo? as a starting concept.

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I would have to participate if we came up with any art memes :> just sayin

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