I Like Drawing Dragons

Hey, I'm Arin and I do art sometimes. If you want art, I also do commissions. (Click here!)

Arin (pronounced Arr-in) | he/him, they/them, ae/aer | Nearly eighteen | bi? lesbian? idk, but I'm also ace and genderqueer | Baby to witchcraft | I like drawing monsters and fantasy things, but dragons are the most fun to draw.

I'm a traditional (paper, ink and pencil) artist, though I've dabbled a bit in digital, and hope to more soon!

Also cats are babies and I love them...

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My Tags

Saw someone what do this and thought it was a good idea, both for my sake and anyone viewing my blog. A lot of these haven't been used yet, but I intend to eventually. I'll also edit this post as I get more tags.

#my art

#other's art

#sketch - raw sketch, usually in pencil


#finished art

#i speak - text post I made

#artists on waterfall

#reblog concept art - art I made that came from a reblog conversation

#ask game prompt

#ask/art game

#tag commentary

#my OCs

#other people's OCs

#monsters - this is an umbrella term for anything montser/mythical/made up

#art progress - when I have pictures of progress, like sketch/lineart/finished


#idle thoughts - basically night blogging

#a rare reblog

At some point I should alphabetize this, huh.

Elemental dragon/demon ask game!

Send an ask with an element (or multiple) and this user will draw a dragon or demon based on that!

It can be as broad (ex., air fire) or specific (ex., sunflower, rain) as you want!

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game: send assumptions abt this blogger - will answer true or false!

autiestella -

Superhero Art Game!

While we're social distancing I wanna draw things, so...

Send me 🦸 and a superpower, a name or a few other emojis and I'll draw a hero based on it!

😮 What if we vibed in quarantine? 😮

Haha, just kidding! 😆😝😆

😳😳... Unless..? 😳😳

somethingfeline asked:

🐏🙈 🦉🐈🍓🦅🦜🧙‍♂️

Posted! Sorry that took so long, things have been a bit wild.

gremlin-gal asked:

🌽 🐍 ✌️💀🐉🧙‍♂️🧒🙆 ;)


pilica-creative asked:

🦇 Dragons wings but... two pairs of them o.o


I'm getting some very cool prompts from the fantasy ask game. I'm very excited to draw these. :3c

Fantasy OC creator ask game!

I want... More characters. Also, ask games are fun, so send me a few of these and I'll draw something based on it!

For each emoji, you can optionally give me details, like quantity and color, or I can decide specifics.

You can pick more than one from each category if applicable, and if you add a + I'll combine them (for example, 🐏+🦄 could be a single curly ramicorn horn)


🐏 - ram horns

🦄 - unicorn horn

🐲 - dragon horns

😈 - devil horns

🦌 - antlers

🐞 - antanae

🐍 - cat/snake eyes

👁️ - cyclops

🕶️ - three or more eyes

👁️‍🗨️ - pupiless eyes

🕷️ - insect eyes

🙈 - no eyes

🕊️ - feather wings

🦇 - dragon wings

🦋 - butterfly wings

🐝 - dragonfly wings

🐾 - claws

✌️ - sharp fingernails

🐟 - webbed hands

🦉 - talon hands and feet

🦆 - talon feet only

🐐 - saytr feet

🐎 - centaur

🐬 - mermaid

🐉 - dragon tail

🐈 - cat tail

🐺 - wolf tail

➡️ - devil tail

🍓 - short pointy ears

🌽 - long pointy ears

🥭 - rounded pointy ears

🥬 - fur tufted ears

🐠 - fin ears

🧛‍♀️ - vampire teeth

💀 - all sharp teeth

🦅 - beak

🌊 - gills

🦜 - colorful skin/feathers/fur (specify)

⚔️ - weilds sword

🏹 - weilds bow and arrows

🌲 - weilds axe

🧙‍♂️ - weilds magic

🗡️ - weilds daggers

👑 - crown

👸 - tiara

🔮 - amulet

💞 - chocker necklace

🧒 - short hair

👧 - medium hair

👩 - long hair

🙋 -straight hair

💁 - wavy

🙆 - spiky

👩‍🦱 - curly hair

🧕 -wears hjab

Might add more to this later as I think of more things.

chicory -

We should start depicting unicorns as goats and cows as well again.

chicory -

wait were unicorbs ever depicted as pigs because imagine a boar with an enormous fuck you narwhal horn on its forehead that sounds fuckimg terrifying and majestic

cjadewyton -

okay but the potentual behind this is pretty cool

boar unicorn with a boar hunting spear as its horn would be bad af!

gremlin-gal -

*clears throat* moose....with an enormous 'fuck you' horn

squeaky-warrior -

You're welcome.